HK-based Malaysian actress Vivien Yeo distances herself from her family after sister was accused of fraud

Vivien's younger sister and brother-in-law are alleged to be masterminds of a fraud syndicate.


On January 20, Malaysian actress Vivien Yeo, who is signed to Hong Kong broadcasting company TVB, found herself in quite the pickle.

A 10-metre-long banner accusing Vivien’s brother-in-law and her younger sister of fraud was hung up in front of TVB’s headquarters. The banner alleged that the couple were the masterminds behind a fraud syndicate, and that the beauty business Vivien had established was just an avenue for the thieving couple to launder their ill-gotten money.

Leaflets listing down details of the alleged fraud, along with a picture of Vivien and her younger sister were given out as well.

Soon after the banner was hung up, Vivien made a statement distancing herself from her younger sister, sharing that she was not involved in the alleged fraud.

“I’ve been working hard in Hong Kong for the past ten years. I have no insight into my sister’s life, and have never asked her about her family. I’ve only met my brother-in-law once as well and I am not acquainted with him at all,”  her statement read.


“These anonymous leaflets have accused my brother-in-law of some serious allegations. I’m unsure if this is due to a business dispute or an attempt to extort money from him. I really have no idea what is going on, nor do I have any way to verify these claims. I feel wronged to have been dragged into this when I’m not guilty of anything,” Vivien continued.

Finally, she clarified that her beauty business she had founded was funded entirely by her, with no involvement from her younger sister, or anyone else.

“I truly despise those who cheat or attempt to defraud others (...) Please do not implicate me further in this dispute,”  the actress concluded.

Photos: PBE Media


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