HK-based Malaysian actress Lisa Ch'ng criticised for exposing flight attendant’s name online

She was upset that the said flight stewardess wouldn’t give her a pen.

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Taking a flight can be stressful – being packed in an enclosed space for hours at a time is bound to make tempers flare.

Hong Kong-based Malaysian actress Lisa Ch'ng encountered an incident while on the flight from Hong Kong to Bangkok on January 8 and took to her Instagram to write a very lengthy post documenting her experience.

The 32-year-old first started her post by sharing her flight and seat details, then went on to share that she pressed the call button as she needed to borrow a pen to fill in her immigration form. Despite three tries, she claimed that the flight attendent merely turned off the call button and rushed past her.

“I know that being an air stewardess is a very busy job, and it’s possible for them to miss certain requests, especially in economy class. I can understand that, but when I was ignored three times, I’m starting to wonder if there’s more to it than meets the eye,” she shared.

Afterwards, she recounted the entire experience to an air steward on the same flight, and he quickly apologised for the oversight.

Despite his attempts to remedy the situation, Lisa was not appeased and shared that she asked a good friend of hers for the list of crew members on board that flight, and uploaded the name of the stewardess who offended her.

Netizens were quick to criticise her, saying that by doing so, it would lead to the stewardess to be harassed by her fans. She later took down the name, but defended herself saying that her lawyer confirmed that she had not done anything illegal. However, she apologised for acting too rashly, saying that she would reflect on her actions.

Lisa is reported to be a millionaire heiress as her father, Ch’ng Bo, is said to have a net worth of over HK$1 billion (S$173.78 million). However, she has previously clarified that she is independent and does not want to depend on her family’s fortune.

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