Him Law dodges question about wife Tavia Yeung’s rumoured pregnancy

The actress’s husband shared that she’s currently “taking a break from work”

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Hong Kong actor Him Law attended a jewellery event on November 7, where he spoke more about the rumour that his current co-star, Hong Kong actress Sammi Cheung is romantically interested in him.

Earlier reports had claimed that Him’s wife, Hong Kong actress Tavia Yeung had caught wind of the rumours, and had started dropping in unannounced during filming to keep an eye on the actor.

When asked about the rumour, Him denied that there was anything going on between him and Sammi. He added that he does not usually pay any attention to rumours like this, and that Tavia feels the same way. 

“My wife only dropped by the filming site once and she didn’t even get down from her car,” Him explained, adding that Tavia had only wanted to say hello to the cast and crew. “There’s no third party in our relationship.”

The actor then revealed that all his assistants were personally chosen by Tavia, laughing, “ Is there anyone in our company that isn't Tavia’s friend?”

However, Him dodged questions with regards to speculation that Tavia is expecting the couple’s first child, declining to give a definite answer.

“Even if we’ve successfully conceived, I won’t say anything for the time being. I’ll have to ask my wife, especially since I haven’t seen her in 30 hours,”  the actor quipped.

The couple did not have the opportunity to celebrate their third wedding anniversary last month as he was busy with work.

Him, who will be heading to Guangzhou for the next few months for filming, laughed that he’s unable to take a break from work, as he has to “work hard to earn money”.

“I could take a brief break from work if I wanted to, but my wife wouldn’t allow me to do that. She asked me to go out and earn more money (for the family),”  the actor shared.

“It’s almost as if she’s my manager! She’s often the one making decisions on my behalf. (The Guangzhou drama) is paying me well, which was why I accepted it,”  he said.

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