Star Search runner-up Herman Keh wants to prove he can play serious roles too

He can do more than just talk to ants and pull meme-worthy expressions.

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He may dream of becoming Singapore’s very own Mr. Bean, but Star Search 2019 first runner-up Herman Keh also wants to show audiences that he can be a serious actor when the role calls for it.

And the 23-year-old may have just the opportunity to do so in All Around You, an upcoming drama featuring the Star Search Top 12 finalists about a social media PR company and its clients. Herman plays Feng Jie, a baker’s son who aspires to become a model instead of taking over his father’s bread-making business.

“I can’t reveal too much, but something happens to my father in the show, which will give me the chance to have some emotionally heavy scenes,” he told us during his imaging session last Thursday (Nov 21). “I’m not sure if I will be required to cry, but it won’t be an issue lah.”

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Instead, the self-confessed mischief-maker, who admits that he used to get in trouble for being too playful in the past, is more concerned about knowing how to draw the line during his more light-hearted moments on screen.

“I’m someone who likes to laugh and joke around, and while I can still do that in character sometimes, I need to make sure I don’t go overboard,” he explained. “After the finals, most viewers might think I can only be funny, but I want to show them a different side and prove that I can actually be serious as well.”

Herman was, of course, referring to his team’s re-enactment of a scene from classic drama The Guest People, which ended with him getting shot in the foot and reacting with such a hilariously over-the-top expression that celeb judge, Hong Kong A-lister Carina Lau, declared that he totally stole the show. His face was even made into a meme.

To our surprise, however, Herman reported that more people seem to remember his spontaneous skit at the semi-finals, where he acted as someone reminding ants on the ground to eat their medicine (you can watch it for yourself here). “Everyone keeps asking me if I’ve eaten my medicine,” he chuckled.

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Other than that, life hasn’t really changed that much from before he embarked on his Star Search journey. “My classmates know I got second place but they’re like, ‘So? You still came back to school wat.’ (Laughs) Everyone treats me the same and I’m still the same person as well.”

Speaking of school, timing is clearly on the Lasalle final year dance student’s side: he’s currently on his semester break, allowing him to concentrate on shooting All Around You throughout the entire month of December before classes resume from January to May next year. After that, it’s time to graduate and focus on building his showbiz career.

“I really want to push myself further as an actor,” he said. “We recently had more training sessions and I tried my best to be more attentive and observant so that when it’s time to put my skills to the test on this new drama, I won’t come off like I’m not well-prepared.”

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All Around You debuts on Toggle (to be renamed as meWATCH in January 2020) on February 28, 2020.
All Around You debuts on Channel 8 at March 2, 9pm.

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