Hebe Tien shares details about being in the delivery room with Ella Chen

She opened up about the experience during a Facebook live session

hebe tien

Hebe Tien had her first Facebook live session this week, with the video garnering a cool 12,000 viewers while she was live. 

The singer admitted that while she was nervous about talking to her fans through the live video, she shared that she wanted to talk to them about what she does on a day-to-day basis.

The 35-year-old was dressed casually in loose-fitting clothes and had her hair in a braid while chatting with fans for close to half an hour. She also showed viewers part of her house, including the elephant plush rocker, along with her spacious living room.

Since the theme of her latest single is 'Live in Life', fans suggested that she could use footage from S.H.E group mate Ella Chen's delivery room for the video. Hebe let on that when she and Selina entered the delivery suite, they tried to take Ella's mind off the pain by chatting with her.

They even broke out in S.H.E's iconic 'Brave New World' in a bid to help Ella feel better, and Hebe happily reported that Ella was in such good form that she joined in the singing as well.

Quipping that the beeps of the hospital monitors, along with the raw emotion that the three ladies felt that day was very suitable for a live recording, Hebe's comments garnered positive reactions from fans, who praised the group for being able to stick together through the years.

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