It may have been almost 18 years since S.H.E debuted, but member Hebe Tien admitted that she still gets pre-performance jitters, especially before a big awards ceremony.

The 36-year-old singer was speaking during her public appearance at a Citizen event in Taipei yesterday (Jun 26), where she named performing with her group and singing with her fans as some of her life’s most “beautiful moments”, the theme of the timepiece brand’s newest campaign.

She is set to take the stage at this weekend’s Golden Melody Awards with bandmates Selina Jen and Ella Chen for the first time in seven years, and while she is feeling nervous, she is also looking forward to their performance.

In addition to being one of the performers for the night, S.H.E are also nominees, as their new track ‘Seventeen’ is up for Song of the Year. Hebe revealed with a laugh that Ella and Selina are concerned that their dresses will get wrinkled after sitting down for too long, which everyone might see if they were to get up to accept an award on stage.

“But if we were to really win, we would still be very happy regardless of whether our dresses were wrinkled or not!” she chuckled, adding that the group will not walk the red carpet as they need to focus on preparing for their performance. “Frankly speaking, I’m relieved! (Laughs)”

Photos: TPG

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