Hebe Tien: S.H.E will always be one

The singer assured fans that the members’ setting up their own agencies will not affect their promotions as a trio

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S.H.E members Selina Jen, Hebe Tien and Ella Chen’s respective contracts with their longtime label, HIM International Music, expired on October 1. After the news was confirmed by the company, the names of the trio’s respective new companies were revealed. All three are now represented by their respective family members.

On October 2, Hebe attended a scheduled event for phone brand OPPO in Malaysia, where she also fielded questions from the media.

Although questions relating to her contract were reportedly not allowed at the event, someone tried their luck by asking Hebe what their working relationship with HIM would be like from now on. Staff members intervened and declared that Hebe would not comment on the matter, but the singer still made a short statement.

“Just like what HIM said, the members of S.H.E are still in discussions with them about this matter,” she explained. “S.H.E will definitely reunite. The three of us will always be one.”

Previously, industry insiders claimed that it would be likely that S.H.E’s group activities would have to be planned with HIM in the picture, as the label is believed to hold the copyright over the group’s name. They have yet to announce details of how they will cooperate in future, as all parties are understood to still be in discussions over how they should proceed with the trio’s group activities. Their solo schedules will be solely handled by their respective new labels.

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