Hebe Tien: It’s hard for me to find love too

The singer-actress was asked if she has introduced any potential partners to her bandmate Selina Jen


Taiwanese singer-actress Hebe Tien made an appearance at an event last Saturday (March 23), where she was quizzed about her own love life, as well as that of her fellow S.H.E member, Taiwanese singer-actress Selina Jen.

Hebe, who will be celebrating her 36th birthday this Saturday (March 30), shared that she will not be having a big celebration this year in support of Earth Hour. When asked to share her birthday wishes, she replied, “I hope [Selina] will be able to find someone who cherishes and loves her.”

Selina is currently appearing on the dating reality show, Meeting Mr Right. The programme features its female guests going on dates, while their fathers comment on their partners in a studio while watching a video feed.

Whilst on the show, Selina, who divorced her husband of five years in 2016, also shared that she’s ready for a new relationship. The singer-actress also sent out a video message to all her friends, asking them to recommend her some potential dating partners.

When asked if she had introduced anyone to Selina, Hebe was taken aback for a second, before laughing, “It's hard for me to find love myself - how am I supposed to introduce anyone to Selina?”

Hebe revealed that she’s a big fan of Meeting Mr Right, and that she even texts Selina after she watches every episode to find out more about what went on during filming. Hebe was also asked to reveal her thoughts on Taiwanese actor Derek Chang, Selina’s partner on the show.

“It's not convenient for me to say too much; I’m someone who doesn’t gossip a lot. Let’s allow them to get to know each other more, and suss out their feelings for each other,” she said.

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