With the recent news of Lin Chi-ling's sudden marriage and Rainie Yang's engagement to Li Ronghao, it's no surprise that reporters have been asking other single stars if they feel the pressure to settle down soon as well.

Taiwanese singer Hebe Tien was subject to this line of questioning during a promotional event in Taipei on July 11. After congratulating Rainie and Ronghao, she insisted that she still does not feel any rush to tie the knot herself. When someone quipped that there's still Jolin Tsai, Hebe laughed and replied, "Yes! So there's no pressure for me at all."

As the event was to promote a line of aromatic products, the 36-year-old was then asked what kind of scent she prefers on the opposite sex. After thinking about it, she said that since one's scent can also be influenced by their qualities and aura, she likes a man who has a big heart, is courageous, is very loving, and "has guts". She also stated that a man's outer appearance does not matter to her, as she is capable of seeing past that.

The topic then turned to S.H.E's upcoming 18th anniversary in September. At the moment, Hebe is unsure if the trio has any plans to collaborate, especially since she has a lot on her own plate at the moment. "I'm preparing to make a new album and launch a new world tour next year," she shared.

Photos: TPG

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