Most netizens have rallied behind Grace Chow, praising her for her bravery to walk away from a toxic relationship and for exposing Show Luo's infidelity. 

But not everyone has been quite as supportive. Taiwanese psychiatrist Teng Hui Wen wrote a long Facebook post on April 24 to denounce Grace’s actions.

“Celebs have a strong influence on children,” Hui Wen wrote. “The media shouldn’t be too eager in talking about how terrible some men are, or how woke women are so strong. Please think about how children aren’t just reading the gossip, and they’re seeing the attacks that one can make on an ex-lover through the Internet.”

“[They might think, ‘What if I write an essay to let everyone know what [my ex’s] true colours are?’ Public opinion can be used for good, but it can also turn into a weapon for those with a grudge,” she continued, “I urge parents to talk to their children as we don’t want our children to think that using public opinion against an ex is the best way to deal [with a breakup]. Please have a discussion with your kids teaching them the difference between exposing someone’s bad deeds, and [posting something] because of a personal grudge.”

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