Hebe Tien announces plans for new album and concert tour

The singer-actress’s S.H.E members sent in flower wreaths to show their support


It's looking to be a busy rest of the year for Taiwanese singer-actress Hebe Tien as she announced plans for the second half of 2019 during a press conference on Tuesday (April 30). 

Revealing her intentions to release her fifth solo album, as well as embark on her second solo concert tour, the 36-year-old implored for her fans to “wait patiently” as she prepares her album. The singer added that she’s still in the midst of producing her new album.

Hebe shared that in the six months since establishing her own personal management agency, she has given much thought to what image she would like to portray, to suit her new beginnings.


Her fellow S.H.E members, Taiwanese singer-actresses Selina Jen and Ella Chen also sent in flower wreaths, to congratulate Hebe. 

“Good music, will console one’s heart, go for it! (A) good singer will move (one’s) spirits, only Le Lai Le Hao (the name of Hebe’s management agency). Congratulations Hebe, (I’m) happy for you, looking forward to your new releases, love you,” Ella wrote on her flower wreath.

“My dear wife, wishing you well, Le Lai Le Hao, will soar higher and higher, forever supporting you, (from) Selina who loves you,” Selina’s card read.

According to reports, a flower wreath from Hebe’s former management agency, HIM Music International, was also spotted at the venue.

Photos: PBE Media

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