Heartwarming reason behind Wang Leehom’s daughter’s mystery painting revealed

The four-year-old’s latest masterpiece consists of a series of numbers, and nothing else


Taiwanese singer-actor Wang Leehom’s wife, Li Jinglei, uploaded a picture of their oldest daughter’s drawing on Weibo recently, sharing that it contained a “mysterious password”.

The drawing, which was done on pale green paper, contained a series of numbers, scrawled on in marker. In her caption, Jinglei recounted a conversation that she had with their four-year-old daughter, Jiali.

According to Jinglei, Jiali had wanted to prepare a present for Jinglei, for her upcoming birthday. When Jinglei reminded her that there was still “a long way to go” till her big day, Jiali replied, “If I start preparing earlier, I wouldn’t need to rush later”. She then went on to ask Jinglei how many days there was to go.

Upon knowing that there was still 24 days to Jinglei’s birthday, Jiali ran off, only to return shortly after with her drawing. 

“There’s still 24 days left, so I will cancel a number everyday, to count down to your birthday,” Jiali declared, to Jinglei’s surprise. 

After reading Jinglei’s post, many fans left comments praising Jiali for her thoughtfulness. “It’s so cute, how she’s looking forward to her mother’s birthday,” one wrote.

Photos: PBE Media 

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