Cantopop diva Sammi Cheng took to her socials yesterday (Oct 7) to share that her beloved pet dog Lucky has been cremated after passing away peacefully at home recently. While it’s unclear when exactly he crossed the rainbow bridge, she apologised for not informing everyone sooner as she wanted to give herself some space to adjust and quietly make the cremation arrangements.

“[Lucky] had such a considerate heart. It was as if he wanted to let me finish all my work in September before officially saying goodbye,” she wrote in her lengthy tribute.

After thanking the staff at the Happy Valley Veterinary Clinic for their care, Sammi revealed that Lucky’s health started to deteriorate some time in June. “His physical condition was going downhill, but his eyes were still full of vitality, and his gradual paralysis could not stop his eternal curiosity about everything in the house.”

Fortunately, ‘cos of the pandemic, she and her husband, Hongkong singer-actor Andy Hui, were able to spend all their time at home to accompany and care for their German Shepherd, who was 15 years old.

“After Lucky left, I didn’t tell anybody. When it happened, there was an unspeakable sadness and sense of loss in my heart. Being mentally prepared that he would leave one day did nothing to reduce the pain of saying goodbye,” she continued. “Now, I will think on the bright side. He is no longer suffering and is finally free.”