Hawick Lau, Yang Mi’s divorce turns fans against each other

Did Hawick Lau benefit from his marriage to Yang Mi?


The news of Hong Kong actor Hawick Lau and Chinese actress Yang Mi’s divorce has largely turned their fans against each other, with Yang Mi’s fans accusing Hawick of riding on Yang Mi’s coattails, and Hawick’s fans accusing Yang Mi of being an uncaring mother to the couple’s daughter, 3-year-old ‘Little Glutinous Rice’.

Recently, a Weibo blogger shared a post addressing the couple’s divorce, writing, “Yang Mi has really fulfilled her utmost duty in these few years”. They then went on to praise the actress for getting married and giving birth to Little Glutinous Rice at the peak of her career, and involving Hawick in her work projects as well. 

The blogger also wrote, “When he stirred up trouble, it was Yang Mi who helped to save the day by taking on projects for free”. They also alleged that Hawick had slighted Yang Mi during an interview once, only for the reports of him spending the night with his drama co-star to hit the headlines soon after. As a result, Yang Mi was hounded by the paparazzi, and had to issue a statement asserting her trust in her husband.

The post refuelled the dispute between Hawick and Yang Mi’s fans, with a netizen later pointing out that the wife of Huayi Brothers Entertainment CEO Wang Zhonglei, Wang Xiaorong, had ‘liked' the post.

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