Is Hawick Lau, Yang Mi’s marriage in trouble?

For the first time in five years, both Hawick Lau and Yang Mi did not wish each other happy birthday on Weibo

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When you’re a celebrity, a social media post says a thousand words.

In this case, the lack of action on Yang Mi and Hawick Lau’s parts, when they did not publicly wish each other happy birthday on Weibo during their respective birthdays this year, have sparked a fresh wave of rumours suggesting there’s trouble in paradise for the couple.

It didn’t help that Yang Mi made an appearance at a charity gala event on Oct 12, the night before Hawick’s 44th birthday. Netizens shared screenshots of the 32-year-old’s online activity in Weibo on the night itself too, and scoffed at her silent treatment towards her husband on the platform.

All these rumours started because the lovebirds have been prompt in sending each other birthday well-wishes at the stroke of midnight on the microblogging platform since they got married in 2013. The messages may have been short – but sweet, and last year, Yang Mi wrote: ‘Father of Little Glutinous Rice (a pet name for their daughter), happy birthday.”

Speculations intensified when a widely-circulated post by an unnamed insider suggesting that the couple filed for a separation a while back was also picked up by netizens and the media.

“Yang Mi and Hawick Lau’s marriage is just in name, they have long filed for separation, but did not make it public due to their contracts. [I] thought everyone knew about this because Yang Mi did not celebrate Hawick’s birthday, isn’t this expected? Stop guessing, everyone, friends from showbiz have verified that they are divorced,” read the post.

Netizens also brought up reports about Yang Mi’s absence at their family’s Chinese New Year celebrations in Hong Kong this year, although these reports were later debunked by Hawick, who said that they had a reunion and spent it at a clubhouse.

Rumours of their marriage breakdown started two years ago, when Yang Mi spent more time working abroad in China and Hawick was frequently seen in Hong Kong with his daughter – without his wife.

In an interview this year, Yang Mi explained why she prefers to keep her personal life out of the limelight. “Family, to me, is something that really needs to be protected, so I don’t see the need to post an update on Weibo to let everyone know whenever I’m back home,” she said. “You may say whatever you wish about my work, but not my family.”

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