Hawick Lau’s father addresses son’s divorce from Yang Mi

The veteran actor and his wife are the main caregivers of Hawick and Yang Mi’s daughter

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Hong Kong actor Lau Dan attended an event on December 24 recently, where he was asked about his son, Hong Kong actor Hawick Lau’s divorce from his wife of four years, Chinese actress Yang Mi. The ex-couple, who have one daughter, nicknamed “Little Glutinous Rice” together, announced that they had split amicably two days prior, on December 22.

Lau Dan shared that Hawick and Yang Mi are still on good terms, and urged everyone not to worry. When asked about the reports that there was a third party in their marriage, Lau Dan refrained from commenting directly, though he did chuckle that a lot of people are saying so.

He shared that he respects Hawick’s decision, saying, “They must have their reasons for choosing to do so, (I) respect their opinions, the bottom line is that everything is well, don’t worry, thank you (for your concern).”

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Lau Dan hesitated for a bit before answering reporters who asked when he knew of their decision to divorce. Later, he shared that he was not too sure himself, as their decision was already set when he knew of it.

As for the couple’s 3-year-old daughter, Lau Dan shared that he and his wife have always been taking care of her in Hong Kong. 

“It's as per normal, there’s no problem at all, so please do not worry,” he said.

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