Hawick Lau clarifies that he has stayed single after divorcing Yang Mi

He has declared that reports claiming that they have been in a relationship for half a year are “false fabrications”


The tabloids have turned their attentions onto Hong Kong actor Hawick Lau after a spate of reports claimed that his ex-wife, Chinese actress Yang Mi has found love again.

Hawick and Yang Mi announced the end of their five-year relationship last December after months of speculation that their relationship had gone south.

Following the announcement of their divorce, a number of reports popped up, alleging that Yang Mi has since found new love with Chinese actor Wei Daxun. The reports eventually died down after both Daxun and Yang Mi denied the rumours.

On September 30, Hong Kong news media published reports claiming that Hawick is now in a relationship with Hong Kong actress Roxanne Tong. According to the reports, the reason why Hawick has been spotted more often in Hong Kong these days is not due to his daughter, 5-year old ‘Little Glutinous Rice’, who has been in the care of his parents. 

Instead, his frequent appearances in Hong Kong is due to the fact that he’s has been in a relationship with Roxanne for the past six months. They added that the couple was introduced to each other by Hong Kong actress Rosina Lam, who is good friends with Hawick.

It's said that Roxanne had initially wanted to go public with their relationship, but Hawick had his reservations due to his recent divorce. Thus, they decided to keep their relationship on the down-low, though they did vacation in England together.

Apart from introducing the couple to each other, it was also reported that Rosina offered up her hilltop residence for the couple to have dates at, even ferrying them to the house using her personal car.

However, both Roxanne and Hawick have since denied the reports. Roxanne shared that she was just friends with Hawick, saying, “I'm currently single. The reports are false and we are just friends”. She also went on to clarify that they have never met up privately, had a private conversation with each other via text, nor gone overseas together before. Though they had indeed met up in Hong Kong, it was with a group of friends for a meal.

Hawick also responded through a manager, calling the reports “false fabrications”. Hawick’s father, Hong Kong actor Lau Dan also rubbished the reports, sharing that there was “no such thing”.

When contacted for a comment, Rosina replied, “What? This is so absurd, how could there be such reports? I’m not in Hong Kong right now as I’m currently filming an advertisement overseas, so I don’t know what’s going on.” The actress also denied playing the matchmaker for Hawick and Roxanne.

Photos: PBE Media

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