Hawick Lau clarifies rumours of falling out with his wife

The actor’s previous remark had led to speculations of a loveless marriage


It was recently reported that Hong Kong actor Hawick Lau and his actress wife, Yang Mi, have been experiencing trouble in their marriage, with various speculations that the couple were in a loveless marriage due to a remark made by Hawick last week (April 14).

On Saturday, Hawick cleared the air regarding his marriage with Yang Mi, asserting that all is fine between the couple.

Hawick and Yang Mi tied the knot two years ago, in January, and welcomed their daughter, nicknamed Xiao Nuo Mi (Little Glutinous Rice) in June. The couple were hit by rumours that their marriage was in trouble late last year as well.

The 41-year-old appeared at a press conference for his new drama last Thursday, and gave a cryptic answer when asked when was the last time he had met his wife.

With an awkward expression, the actor had answered, “The last time we met was the last time we met.” His non-answer had led to rumours and speculations that the duo were in a loveless marriage.

The media caught up with Hawick two days ago, when he was filming for his new drama and asked him to elaborate more on his cryptic answer.

The actor clarified that he was actually slightly angry at having being asked such a personal question, and thus had answered in anger.

“I don’t know how all these different rumours popped up, but as long as we [Hawick and Yang Mi] know that we are fine, it’s enough. I hope for everyone to focus their attention on our works instead,” he continued.

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