Has Yang Mi dumped her rumoured boyfriend for being too obvious about their relationship?

Guess she wanted to keep their romance under wraps for a little longer.

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Chinese actress Yang Mi has gotten netizens scratching their heads about how obvious she is being with her rumoured squeeze. Fellow actor Wei Daxun, who is three years younger than her,  sharing the same cap as her, and visiting her at her hotel in the middle of the night, among other hints.

It seems that the mystery has been solved – at least, according to Chinese reports. Reports published earlier this week shared that Yang Mi has had enough of Daxun’s attention-seeking ways and has dumped him for being too obvious about their relationship.

According to media reports, Yang Mi wanted to keep her new romance off the radar as she had just divorced Hawick Lau in December 2018, and felt that it was too soon for her to be going public with her new squeeze.

However, they claimed that Daxun did not agree with her opinion, and wanted the public to know that they were dating. After he dropped one too many hints in public, Yang Mi reportedly broke up with him.

Neither Yang Mi nor Daxun have responded to the reports at press time. Daxun, however, indirectly confirmed the rumours on January 4, when he was asked about his relationship status. “I’m currently single,” he shared, fuelling rumours that he and Yang Mi have ended their short-lived romance.

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