Has Lin Chi-ling cancelled her first public appearance with her husband?

The couple’s names were noticeably missing from the list of performers for tonight’s Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration


After weeks of anticipation, have celebrity couple Lin Chi-ling and AKIRA cancelled their very first joint appearance after getting hitched?

Two weeks ago, at the press conference for CCTV’s much-hyped annual Mid-Autumn Festival celebration, it was announced that they would be gracing the event together and putting up a joint performance for the televised broadcast tonight (September 13).

As this would have been the couple’s first joint appearance since their flash marriage, the media was sent in a flurry over the announcement, with many fans looking forward to seeing Chi-ling and her beau together.

However, in the wee hours of the morning, a list with the names of all the celebrities and performers scheduled for tonight’s broadcast was leaked. Chi-ling and AKIRA’s names were noticeably absent from the list of performers. The rehearsal photos posted online earlier by CCTV did not feature the couple as well.

Fans couldn’t help but to lament the missed opportunity to see the couple together, with some asking CCTV for an explanation for the sudden change in the line-up. 

As of press time, neither CCTV nor the couple has responded to the reports.

Photos: PBE Media

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