Has Lin Chi-ling been preparing for kids since 2014?

The Taiwanese model-actress only tied the knot this year, but is reported to have made plans to better her chances five years ago


Ever since she tied the knot last month, Taiwanese model-actress Lin Chi-ling has made multiple mentions of her wish to have twins.

Taiwanese media outlets dug deeper into her declaration, and reported that she has been secretly working towards her goal since 2014, when she reportedly froze her eggs.

Doctors were reported to have harvested nine eggs from her five years ago, but only seven out of them were healthy enough to be stored. A source alleged that she is likely to only have a 20 per cent chance of getting pregnant, and out of the seven eggs, only one or two are likely to be successfully fertilised.

As she and her husband, Japanese singer-actor Akira from the group EXILE are currently based in different countries - Chi-ling remains in Taiwan, while Akira has a packed schedule in Japan - he is speculated to require to undergo sperm freezing as well. Those familiar with the practice shared that he will have to abstain from sex for three to five days before undergoing the procedure.

At 44 years old, the biological clock is ticking for Chi-ling, who has made no indication that she will be putting her career on the back burner. Industry watchers are curious to know how she will make time to have a family, especially since getting pregnant at a later age would be considered a high-risk and would be dangerous both for the mother and her unborn children.

Neither Chi-ling nor Akira have responded to the rumours at press time, and Chi-ling is not expected to do so as her manager has always been known to adopt a ‘no comment’ policy with regards to rumours.

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