Has Kai Ko broken up with his rumoured girlfriend?

The actor posted a series of emotional updates on his Instagram on Sunday


Taiwanese actor Kai Ko took to his Instagram account in the wee hours of the morning last Sunday (March 24) to post a series of emotional updates. The five posts were accompanied by captions that appeared to have been written on the fly.

“Can a person change?! The answer that this world has given you… is no,” the first post read. It was swiftly followed by a second post, with a caption that read, “(Thus), the world asked if I will still persevere… I answered the world… (telling it) that I’m currently in pain.”.

The third post read, “In pain?! The world answered you… (I’m) sorry… I’m very cruel”.

After a brief break, Kai posted another picture online.

“The world asked me what I need, love…friendship…career… I answered it, in this lifetime.. I will never love again… thank you,” he wrote.


The last post contained a picture of the actor himself, with the caption, “I love you… because you are trust (itself)… you believe (in me)."

The series of posts caught the attention of the actor's fans, with some worrying for Kai’s emotional state. Some wondered if the actor had broken up with his rumoured girlfriend, a Taiwanese internet celebrity who goes by the name of Lillian.

“Have you kicked your drug habit?,” a netizen commented on one of his posts, with Kai himself replying, “I’ve long kicked it! You’re a fool”.

Another netizen also commented, "You brought this upon yourself", to which the actor replied, “(Your knowledge of) idioms is very good”.

When reached for a comment, Kai’s manager replied, “Regarding the posts made online by our artiste, (he) only wants to relieve his stress. We’re currently unable to contact him, and do not see the need to make any further comments (on this), thank you for your concern.”

Photos: PBE Media

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