Has Chen Bolin been in a secret relationship for 3 years?

Netizens are guessing that Chen Bolin is dating Chen Tingxuan in secret and the news of him dating Ha Ji Won was merely a cover-up

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Rumours of Taiwanese actor Chen Bolin secretly dating Taiwanese girl group Popu Lady’s Chen Tingxuan have once again resurfaced after the former’s agency shot down speculations linking him to South Korean actress Ha Ji Won.

The pair, who starred in the same movie Machi Action in 2012, were once speculated to have become a couple after Tingxuan was spotted at the actor’s house. However, the two denied the rumours at the time and said they were “just very good friends”.

Three years later, fans are wondering if Bolin and Tingxuan have been together all this time and even speculated that the news of him dating Ha Ji Won was “just a distraction”.

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In fact, Tingxuan was witnessed all covered up in a hat, glasses and a mask, suspiciously leaving Bolin’s house just last month (July 28). However, the singer’s agency denied any secret relationship between them by stating: “They only know each other through shooting a movie. They never dated, and she only goes to his place when he invites many friends over. He just thinks of her as his junior.”

Bolin’s representative also clarified, “Bolin does not like to leave his house, so any meetups with friends will always be at his house. Tingxuan only visited his house for meals and friendly chats.”

Many netizens support Bolin and Tingxuan being a couple because Tingxuan has always showed her support for Bolin and even defended him last year, saying that he was not involved in the marijuana smoking incident with Jaycee Chan and Kai Ko.

“When we meet up for meals, I have never seen him smoke anything, so there’s no need to worry,” explained Tingxuan.

However, Bolin and Tingxuan have yet to personally address the matter.

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