Has a travel ban been imposed on Fan Bingbing?

Netizens have spotted what appears to be a stand-in for the Chinese actress during filming for her upcoming Hollywood movie


Is Chinese actress Fan Bingbing banned from leaving China due to her tax evasion scandal?

The actress’s involvement in the Hollywood spy thriller 355 has brought up the topic of a possible travel ban imposed on Bingbing, as she has not joined the rest of the cast for filming in France even though filming kicked off in mid-July.

Earlier reports had speculated that Bingbing will be filming her parts separately from the rest of the cast, with some going further to state that it might be due to the actress being prohibited from leaving the country following her tax evasion scandal.


Netizens who chanced upon the rest of the cast filming for 355 in France uploaded pictures of the film set, noting that there appeared to be a Chinese woman with green dots on her face among the other actors present.

They then speculated that the Chinese woman might be a stand-in for Bingbing, and that the actress’s face will be digitally edited onto the woman post-production. The Chinese woman is reported to be an actress named Lu Ning, whose height and face shape is strikingly similar to Bingbing, which makes it easier for Bingbing’s face to be digitally edited on later.


Photos: PBE Media

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