Hong Kong singer-actress Fiona Sit attended a beauty brand event in Hong Kong on December 11. "I like to do my own makeup because I've learned how to paint before, so my face is just like a 3D canvas," she said.

Fiona shared that she had just arrived from Beijing and that she only managed to get three hours of sleep after being up for 30 hours straight. "I think now is the time for me to work really hard - I will only think about having fun when I have retired!" she said.

Although Fiona has been without an agency for close to six months, she said that she did not feel like she was struggling. "I may sign on with a company in the future, but I'm happy to have learned so many things finding work by myself over the past half a year," she said. "It's an experience that money can't buy."

When asked about her upcoming Christmas plans, Fiona said that she will still be busy working. "Not a single man asked me out on a date," she laughed. "That's because my assistant and I only have each other to look at!"

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