Hannah Quinlivan is sick of Jay Chou’s ‘Love Confession’

Guess it’s time for the multi-hyphenate to release some new songs


To celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day, which fell on August 7 this year, Taiwanese multi-hyphenate Jay Chou dedicated an Instagram post to his wife, Hannah Quinlivan, only for the 25-year-old to tease him in return.

Sharing a picture of the couple leaning on each other as they gazed out upon the setting sun, Jay wrote, “Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day. Everyday is Valentine’s Day (for me). In this moment, (my song) ‘Love Confession’ belongs to you,” he wrote, adding in a small note cringing at his own “sappiness”.

However, Hannah seemed to be less than impressed by Jay’s song dedication, replying to him in a comment, “How sappy! (But), I’m sick of this song already, I need something new.

‘Love Confession’ was released in 2016, as part of the album 'Jay Chou's Bedtime Stories’. The 40-year-old has not released any songs since the album. However, at a charity event last month, Jay shared that he has written five new songs, with a new tune set to be released in September, though there is still no word regarding the release of a new album.


Jay’s fans, who have been clamouring for him to release a new album, quickly rallied behind Hannah, showing their support for her comment. Jay left a reply to Hannah’s comment, wondering if she would prefer that their son, Romeo, write a song for her instead.

Hannah later posted a picture with Jay on her own Instagram account, writing, "You are not only my partner, but you are also my best friend, my partner in crime…,” showing her love for her husband.

Jay and Hannah tied the knot in a fairytale ceremony in January 2015 and welcomed their first child, a girl named Hathaway, in July the same year. Their son Romeo was born two years later.

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