Hannah Quinlivan: I nearly gave up on my relationship with Jay Chou

The actress-model shared that the public scrutiny was too much for her


These days, celebrity couple Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan, who have two kids together (3-year-old Hathaway and 1-year-old Romeo), are viewed positively by the public, with great support from their fans.

However, in the early days of their relationship, the public was less than welcoming with the idea of their relationship due to their age gap (the pair started dating when Hannah was 17 and Jay, 31).

In a recent interview, Hannah revealed that she once felt like giving up on their relationship. Sharing that she felt extremely pressured and vexed by the weight of the public’s opinions, Hannah went on to explain that she couldn’t understand why they couldn’t go public with their relationship. Because of the many different opinions and viewpoints from the people around her, she felt like she was doing something illegal and wrong, when she was merely in a relationship.

At that time, in order to increase the distance between her and Jay, Hannah decided to fly over to America to study film. However, on the third day, Jay himself flew over to America to find Hannah.

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“At that moment, I felt something, and knew that he was the one,” Hannah shared, adding that it is not the age at which one gets married that matters, but the time where they meet the right person for them.

When it came to life after marriage, Hannah revealed that she’s someone who really likes playing pranks. From feeding little Romeo a bit of lemon just to see his face all scrunched up from the sourness, to wrapping the toilet bowl with clingfilm on April Fool’s Day, the family-of-four was unable to escape from the clutches of Hannah’s mischief.

Hannah also shared that the couple hopes for their kids to be known by their own names, instead of being constantly referred to as “so-and-so’s kid”. She also brought up the example of how she’s currently known as “Jay’s wife”, instead of Hannah. However, she also added that being known as Jay’s wife was something that she had chosen. Thus, she hopes for their children to be able to have the freedom to make their own choices as well, which is why she’ll wait for them to be older before they decide whether to reveal their faces to the public.

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