Hannah Quinlivan doesn’t mind being labelled as “Jay Chou’s wife”

“It’s fine to call me by these different names because they’re all a part of me.”


Be it in headlines or news articles, Taiwanese model-actress Hannah Quinlivan has often been simply referred to as “Jay Chou’s wife”. 

However, in the four years since tying the knot with the Mandopop king, Hannah has been kept busy with acting jobs and advertorials alike, slowly making a mark of her own in the industry. In 2018, she made her Hollywood debut in the movie Skyscraper, starring alongside American actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Her latest movie Sky Fire also premiered last week.

Yesterday (Dec 15), Hannah made an appearance at a press event, where she was asked if she ever feels tired of being labelled as “Jay Chou’s wife”.

After contemplating for a while, the 26-year-old answered, “I think that everyone might have misunderstood me and felt that I want to stop being labelled as ‘Jay Chou’s wife’, but this label is a part of me as well. I am Hannah, and I am also Jay’s wife. It’s fine to call me by these different names because they’re all a part of me.”

Hannah and Jay got married in 2015 and welcomed their daughter, Hathaway, in the same year. The couple’s son, Romeo, was born two years later in 2017.

Photos: PBE Media

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