South Korean actors Ha Jung Woo and Lee Sun Kyun arrived in Taipei with director Kim Byung Woo to promote their new film Take Point on January 2.

The action thriller, which follows a team of elite mercenaries on a secret mission to abduct a high-profile North Korean official in a bunker beneath the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), has already grossed TW$30 million (approximately S$1.3 million) at the Taiwan box office.

While Sun Kyun and Byung Woo appeared to be quite shy around the media, Jung Woo was more relaxed and carefree, probably because he was just in town about half a year ago. "I've come to Taiwan many times but never really had much chance to explore the city," he said, adding that he hopes to be able to do so this time around.

Sun Kyun admitted that he expected the weather in Taiwan to be quite warm, but it actually quite cold. The two actors then revealed that when they first met the director, he was quite expressionless, which could easily be misunderstood as a cold personality. However, in reality, he turned out to have a very cute personality instead.

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