Hong Kong actress Grace Chan, who recently announced her first pregnancy, attended a fashion event for an eyewear collection in Hong Kong on December 6.

The mother-to-be wore a pair of high-heeled boots, but she quickly emphasised that the heels are much lower than what she used to wear in the past, and that her husband Kevin Cheng took a look and "approved" them.

There were reports that Kevin, as a nervous father-to-be, said that he would rather not have Grace go out by herself. Grace said that he's probably just being concerned about her well-being, but said that she's someone who can't just stay at home doing nothing, so he can't stop her from going out.

Grace then shared that when Kevin comes back from filming in Malaysia, they will have dinner with their families and announce the gender of their baby to them. "I respect our relatives and don't want them to hear about our child's gender from the news," she explained.

When asked about their plans for their first Christmas as a married couple, Grace shared that both sides of their family will get together to celebrate it, and that she will learn how to cook turkey from her mother.

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