English football star David Beckham and Hong Kong actress Grace Chan attended an event for a watch brand in Hong Kong on November 14.

Grace shared that like most people in Hong Kong, she and her husband Kevin Cheng are both big fans of David, and that she wants to take a photo with David to send to Kevin. "I admire his big family and I'm also a big fan of his wife Victoria," she said. "I think it's great how she's managed to establish her own brand."

When asked if she watches football matches with Kevin, Grace laughed and admitted that she finds the pace of football too slow, so they watch tennis matches together instead.

Kevin recently shared a photo of himself with a head full of hairpins online, and many netizens suspected it to be Grace's "masterpiece". However, she clarified at the event that it was not her who did it, but his hairstylist.

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