Grace Chan attended a promotional event for a handbag brand in Hong Kong on May 23.

“I used to prefer carrying smaller bags because I didn’t want them to be too heavy,” said the actress, who welcomed a son named Rafael with her husband, actor Kevin Cheng, in February this year. “But after becoming a mother, I look for bigger bags so I can fit all my son’s things inside.”

Grace then revealed that Rafael had just gotten his very first haircut not long before she left the house that day. “Since a hairstylist had come to do my hair, I thought I’d let them cut my son’s hair as well, because I don’t dare to do it myself,” she said. “I kept my son’s hair after that, because his first haircut is quite an important milestone!”

However, she admitted with a laugh that Kevin thought it was unnecessary to keep the lock of hair. “Perhaps even my son won’t understand the things that I do when he’s older as well,” she chuckled. “But it’s such a precious thing to me. I saved his umbilical cord stump after he was born, and I plan to keep his baby teeth after he loses them in the future.”

With Rafael’s 100th day coming up, his parents are already busy planning a banquet to celebrate the special occasion. Grace was particularly excited about letting everyone see her son in a new blue suit she had prepared for him. “It’s so cute! I really can’t wait for the party so I can hear everyone’s praises for him,” she gushed.

Photos: TPG