GOT7’s Jackson Wang questions woman if she leaked his address online

He has been harassed by stalkers for years

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A video showing K-pop band GOT7’s Jackson confronting a woman outside Incheon Airport in Korea has gone viral.

The video, which was taken on August 27, captured the Hong Kong-born singer addressing a person off camera. “Was it you who uploaded my address online?” he said in Mandarin. The unnamed female denied doing so, and he left soon after boarding his car.

This video is the subject of an intense debate as netizens remarked that Jackson is likely to know who she is, considering he spoke in Mandarin to her while in Korea. The general consensus online is that she has been stalking him on multiple occasions, which has led to him recognising her amongst the crowd.

Sina News reported that his house address, along with his flight details, were uploaded online, and other reports claim that both his Korean dorm address, along with his home address in Hong Kong, were revealed. His label, JYP Entertainment, has yet to address these rumours.

Some believe that the doxxing happened after he made pro-Beijing statements in light of the ongoing Hong Kong protests. EXO’s Lay also became a victim when his personal information was leaked online and he was fraudulently signed up for organ donation.

Jackson has been harassed by stalkers for years. In 2016, he was crowded by so many fans at an airport in Beijing that he asked the crowd if they needed him to get on his knees for them to make space for him. In the same year, he was involved in a car accident caused by a fan following him in a car, and had to be taken to hospital to assess his injuries.

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EXO’s Lay was fraudulently signed up for organ donation after his personal information was leaked

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