South Korean boy group GOT7 held a showcase and press conference to promote their new album Present: YOU in Seoul on September 17.

Revealing the meaning behind the title, they said, "The name means that you, our fans, are the best present. And we made this as a present for you, the fans. We hope you like it."

One of the songs on the album, title track 'Lullaby', was recorded not only in Korean, but also in English, Chinese and Spanish. Member Jinyoung revealed that the reason they did this was because they felt like they could communicate directly with fans all over the world with their own language.

Unsurprisingly, the members picked Spanish as the language that was the hardest to learn, saying that they had to constantly check their pronunciation during the recording sessions. "I speak Korean, English and Chinese, so those languages were okay," said Jackson, adding that while Spanish was difficult, he enjoyed himself.

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