Goo Hara attempts suicide months after ex threatened to leak sex tapes

The singer was found unconscious in a room slightly after midnight yesterday (May 26)


Former KARA member Goo Hara has been hospitalised following an alleged suicide attempt.

Last October, the 28-year-old made headlines after she sued her former boyfriend for blackmail. Her hairstylist ex, Choi Jong Beom, allegedly threatened to release their sex tape to the media.

After the scandal, he opened his own hair salon, which he has publicised widely on social media, while Hara still received the bulk of the hate from the public despite being the victim.

On Saturday (May 25), she had posted a worrying message, simply worded "Goodbye", on her Instagram the day before, which prompted her manager to try and contact her. After not receiving a response, the manager rushed to her apartment, where Hara was found unconscious in a room slightly after midnight yesterday (May 26).

The singer was last reported to be unconscious but in a stable condition, and the hospital which she is at has stated that her life is not in immediate danger. Meanwhile, initial reports state that the police found traces of smoke in her home.

The general public has since started an outpouring of support for Hara, while others have called for tougher action to be taken against Choi Jong Beom so that he receives an appropriate punishment for his misdeeds.

Photos: Goo Hara/Instagram

Goo Hara’s ex threatens to release their sex tape
Hidden camera photos of Goo Hara found in ex’s phone

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