Goo Hara apologises after suicide attempt

She has reportedly regained consciousness two days after being found unconscious in her apartment


South Korean singer Goo Hara has regained consciousness, two days after attempting suicide on May 26.

The former member of girl group KARA issued an apology statement through a representative today (May 28) saying, “I’m sincerely sorry for causing concern due to recent events. I’m currently recovering. I was distressed due to the accumulation of various incidents. I will try my best to show a healthy side of myself and having a stronger mindset. I’m truly sorry about the recent incident”.

There has been no mention of when she will be discharged from the hospital, and what her plans are after that. Hara will reportedly take a break from celebrity activities, and has no plans in the short term to sign on with an entertainment label.

Hara was found unconscious in her apartment by her manager shortly after midnight last Sunday. Although there was no note explaining her actions, it is widely believed that she did so after her ex-boyfriend blackmailed her with their sex tape, and netizens criticised her despite her being the victim.

In related news, Hara’s ex, Choi Jong Beom has become the target for numerous hate comments. Two weeks ago, he updated his Instagram account with an apology for the previous incident, and in the same post, he asked for the public to support his new business. He has turned off the comments function on his Instagram account, and deleted his original KakaoTalk account reportedly because of the amount of hate messages he was receiving.

Photos: Goo Hara/Instagram

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