Gong Li praised for her dedication to acting

She maintained that she would continue filming even after suffering a nail injury.


Chinese actress Gong Li has always been well-regarded for her professionalism and dedication to her craft.

With her new film, Leap, set to be released later this month, an anecdote shared by the cast members has further strengthened this belief as many praised the 54-year-old for remaining grounded despite her A-list status.

In the film, which is a biographical movie based on the China women’s national volleyball team, Gong Li plays Lang Ping, a former volleyball player and current coach of the team. Throughout the shoot, Gong Li had to shed her usual glitzy image and donned a short bob.

Many praised her for keeping true to Lang Ping’s image, and not trying to glamourise the much-decorated coach.

In addition, a staff member also shared that there was once Gong Li carried on filming after suffering a nail injury, despite the team’s advice to do otherwise. Her hand got caught in between camera equipment, and despite the crew’s efforts to help her, half her fingernail broke off.

The bloody scene scared some of the crew members, but the actress maintained, “I’m okay. I can continue filming,” and headed off to get her finger bandaged before diving straight back into work.

Netizens mused that someone like Gong Li could have well gone to the hospital or asked for a day or two off, but her dedication to getting the job done and decision to not inconvenience the rest of the cast and crew was something that was definitely something worthy of praise.

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