Ekin Cheng, Jerry Lamb, Chin Ka Lok and Michael Tse gave an interview to promote their new film Golden Job in Hong Kong on September 11.

Ka Lok, who also directed the film, said, "I wanted to shoot a Hong Kong-style action film. We shot most of the action scenes by ourselves, but Ekin ruptured his shoulder ligament, and Jordan [Chan] and I also got injured. Only Michael was totally fine, so we now call him 'Super Michael'."

Ekin clarified, "Ka Lok never forced us to do anything we didn't want to and he always asked us to take it easy. But of course, we were still under a bit of pressure to shoot the action scenes well."

The film was shot in different locations all over the world, causing them to exceed their original budget. Ka Lok said, "Thanks to Jackie Chan and Eric Tsang's support, we were able to complete filming in peace."

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