Godfrey Gao was planning to propose to his girlfriend a day after ‘Catch Me’ shoot

The actor was reportedly doubtful of his ability to complete the show’s gruelling physical course even before filming.


A good friend of the late Taiwanese actor Godfrey Gao has revealed that the 35-year-old had planned to propose to his girlfriend of 3 years, non-celebrity Bella Su.

In a post on his Weibo on Monday night (Dec 2), Darren Jiang said that the proposal was supposed to take place a day after shooting for Chinese reality show Chase Me. Godfrey passed away after collapsing on set last week (Nov 27).

“I finally understand why you suddenly sent me a text message asking where I was going to be that day. It was because the two of you (Godfrey and Bella) were about to have a very important dinner together, and you hoped that I could be there to witness the moment. You were about to start a new chapter of your life,” wrote Darren.

Godfrey’s business partner, James Lu, who had accompanied Godfrey’s body from the airport to the funeral parlour, also wrote in a post online, “I was tearing all the way (to the parlour), and it felt like I was an empty shell. It was only when I saw you lying in the coffin, with your long legs that couldn’t fit inside that I broke down.”

James went on to share that when he had gone to Godfrey’s hotel room to pack up his belongings, he realised that the heater was on full blast. “You were actually suffering from a cold, weren’t you?” James guessed.


From left to right: Darren Jiang and Godfrey Gao, James Lu

Godfrey’s hairstylist, Kim Huang, who had cut the actor’s hair two days before his demise, also shared that Godfrey was indeed suffering from a cold then.

“You even told me that (Chase Me) was a programme that was physically challenging, and that you were worried that you’d be unable to complete it. I even patted your shoulder (and reassured you), telling you that you could do it, that you had the habit of exercising and keeping fit, going to the gym and playing basketball, that the course would mean nothing to you,” Kim wrote.  He added they had even arranged to meet again on Thursday (Nov 28), so that the actor could get another trim before the wedding of ex-basketball star James Mao the next day, as he was supposed to be a groomsman.

With Godfrey's body back in Taiwan, his friends and family have now started keeping vigil by his body. 

Some of those spotted at the funeral parlour include Bella, as well as Godfrey's parents and older brother.


From left to right: Blackie Chen and Christine Fan, Jiro Wang

Celebrity couple Blackie Chen and Christine Fan, as well as Taiwanese singer-actor Jiro Wang showed up at the wake last night to pay their respects. Speaking to reporters at the scene, Jiro shared that while he does not keep in regular contact with Godfrey, the duo had known each other for many years.

Godfrey’s close friend, ex-basketball star James Mao and his wife, stylist Tiffany Lo, were also spotted entering the funeral parlour. According to traditional customs, newlyweds are supposed to “refrain from attending funerals three months after getting married”. However, James and Tiffany decided to look past the custom, in order to bid a proper goodbye to their good friend.


From left to right: James Mao and Tiffany Lo, Vivian Dawson

They were accompanied by former basketball star Chen Hsin-an and model Vivian Dawson, who had worked together with Godfrey on the 2019 drama, The Gravity of a Rainbow.

Godfrey’s management agency has also announced that fans who cannot make it down to Taipei on Dec 15 for Godfrey’s public funeral service can send handwritten notes on a piece of paper measuring 15x15 cm to the company’s address at Taipei Da’An District Anhe Road Section 1 No. 147 4th Floor. The papers will be folded into origami cranes, so that they can take to the skies together with Godfrey.

Photos: PBE Media

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