Godfrey Gao’s passing triggers discussion on excessively long working hours for celebrities

Vivian Hsu, Alyssa Chia and Aaron Yan are just some of the celebrities who have spoken up so far.


Following reports that the late actor Godfrey Gao had been “working for 17 hours straight” prior to his demise, a number of celebrities have come forward to discuss the dangers of overwork, including Taiwanese singer-actor Aaron Yan, as well as Taiwanese actresses Alyssa Chia, Vivian Hsu and Chinese actress Kitty Zhang.

Godfrey had collapsed in the middle of filming Chinese variety show Chase Me on Wednesday. Although he was rushed to the hospital, he could not be resuscitated and passed away the same day.


Aaron shared a post he had written back in 2017, where he penned his thoughts on a case where an individual’s epilepsy was triggered due to overwork, causing a car accident.

“When I heard that the accident happened as the driver’s epilepsy was triggered due to overwork, I found it hard to accept. This is because accidents like this are preventable. As long as the filming schedule is finalised beforehand, everything can be completed more efficiently, and the end product will be of a higher quality,” he wrote.

“Often, a huge event happens because we ignored a number of smaller events,” he wrote in his post, going on to share more about the butterfly effect.

“Let’s stop indulging these small mistakes, letting them go just because they were not done with malicious intent. If we continue to ignore this and remain indifferent, eventually, we will still have to suffer the consequences of our own actions,” Aaron added.

Similarly, Alyssa also shared her thoughts on her own social media accounts, writing, “(A life was lost) in exchange for the celebrity’s dedication to their work”. Sharing her feelings upon finding out about Godfrey’s passing, Alyssa expressed that in addition to shock, she felt devastated, and very reluctant to bid goodbye to Godfrey.

“I can only imagine the pain and torture his family and loved ones are going through, I really feel terrible,” Alyssa said.


Vivian also expressed her condolences, writing, “To all my celebrity colleagues, from today onwards, let’s only work hard, and not put our lives on the line. Let’s work together to get our health back.”

Continuing on, she shared more about the hardship and trouble that celebrities go through behind closed doors.

“It’s common practice to work for two days straight without sleep, our days and nights are turned upside down,” she shared, going on to reveal that she once went seven days without sleep, causing her to faint.

Vivian then went to to share that she did not notice how badly she was treating her body until she started caring for her father when he was was ill 10 years ago. After that, she began to prioritise her health, in order to repair the damage she caused to her body.

Kitty also wrote in an online post, “Other than the working hours, (we are also at risk of) formaldehyde poisoning from our working environments, as well as various unreasonable and dangerous filming requirements, that are beyond our wildest imaginations. (Unlawful) intimidation, explosions as well as cyber violence (from netizens)… can we thoroughly regulate (all these)!”

In other related news, filming for Chase Me has been cancelled completely, and it has been reported that the production crew of the show will be dismissed. Additionally, it is said that the authorities plan to review all sports-themed programmes, regardless of whether they will air on television or be broadcasted online.

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