Godfrey Gao’s mother speaks up for the first time since her son’s passing

She urged everyone to “allow him to leave this world with no worries”.


The late Taiwanese actor Godfrey Gao’s mother, Tina, has spoken out for the first time since the 35-year-old collapsed while filming Chinese variety show Chase Me last week (Nov 27).

Her message to the public was passed on via Godfrey’s good friend, Ken, who made a post online.

According to Ken, Tina believes that the actor’s soul is still lingering on Earth, as he is worried about the loved ones he has left behind. Thus, Tina urged everyone to remain positive while praying for Godfrey, in order to allow him to leave this world with no worries.

“Some people are destined to leave us at a young age, and their image will forever remain youthful in the minds of people. If he was the brightest spark in our lives before his passing, then his light will never be snuffed out [even in death],” Ken wrote in his post, paying tribute to his good friend.


From left to right: Yao Yuanhao, Kai Ko, Darren Wang

In other related news, a number of celebrities, including Taiwanese actors Kai Ko and Darren Wang, Taiwanese director Frankie Chen, Taiwanese actress Eugenie Liu, as well as Taiwanese celebrity couple Alex Niu and Jacqueline Lee have been spotted paying their respects at the funeral parlour where Godfrey’s body is currently resting.

Taiwanese actor Yao Yuanhao, who is under the same management agency as Godfrey, recently stopped to give a quote to the reporters outside the funeral parlour, saying, “I’m still quite upset. We’ve always been in the same company together, ever since he signed with the agency, and we’ve had a senior-junior relationship for over 10 years. I’m upset, really upset. I hope he rests in peace.”

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