Girls' Generation's Tiffany travelled from Los Angeles to Taipei to attend a Dior beauty event on January 29.

Talking about her experiences with makeup, she recalled always sitting next to her mother to watch her do her makeup. "It's such a daily ritual for women and for me, it's such a powerful part of the creative process," she said. "My most memorable makeup experiences would be the ones I have done for album art and music videos."

The singer then stated that she absolutely must remove her makeup at the end of the day no matter how tired, drunk, or sleepy she may be. She also revealed that the beauty products she uses daily are lotion, essence, eye cream, and emulsion. "And you must apply it on your neck as well!" she emphasised.

When asked if her fellow Girls' Generation members offered any words of encouragement for her upcoming EP Lips on Lips, Tiffany gushed, "Of course! I sent it to my girls and Sooyoung cried! I also remember letting Seohyun and Yoona listen to 'Runaway', and Yoona was crying too. They're so proud and happy, and I'm just so happy we're at this time where we can grow individually. I'm so thankful to my bandmates, my sisters - it's been amazing to feel their support."

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