Gillian Chung, Miriam Yeung, Adam Cheng, and more attended an evening party in Hong Kong on May 20.

Miriam had just returned from holding a concert in China, and said that she had trouble adapting to the weather there. “It was so hot that I kept eating watermelons, but then I suffered from diarrhoea and lost a lot of weight,” she revealed. “My son is also down with a high fever now, which worries me because he tends to lose weight when he is sick, so I am trying my best to take very good care of myself as well.”

Meanwhile, Gillian shared a funny story from her recent trip to Japan with her Twins bandmate Charlene Choi. “We checked in at the wrong hotel because Charlene told the driver to drop us off at another place where she usually stays!” she laughed.

When asked for her thoughts on Charlene recently opening up about her successful egg-freezing procedure, Gillian said that Charlene’s doctor was better than the one Gillian went to when she froze her eggs in 2016. “I’m afraid of injections so I don’t think I will do it again,” she said.

Photos: TPG

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