Gillian Chung wants to have a baby, but her husband is too busy

“The eggs that I froze are so pitiful!”

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Hong Kong singer-actress Gillian Chung tied the knot with doctor Michael Lai in a glitzy ceremony last year. Following which, she declared that she has no plans on having a baby this year.

However, it seems that she might have changed her mind as she revealed in a recent interview with Hong Kong media that she hopes to have a child soon. “I sometimes think about the eggs that I froze. Even though there are only three of them, I’ve been telling my husband to undergo the procedure (to get them fertilised). Otherwise, I would be letting those eggs down!” she declared.

The 38-year-old revealed that her husband is busy managing his newly-opened clinic that he has no time to accede to her request.

“He’s lost weight and become more handsome recently, and he’s also been working out, so I told him that it’s a good time to get the procedure done. I’ve been badgering him to do it. If the procedure is successful, that’ll be ideal. Otherwise, we can think of alternatives. The eggs that I froze are so pitiful!” she bemoaned.

With reports speculating that she has a bun in the oven after her recent weight gain, Gillian laughed that she hasn’t been working out as much as she should be. She promised that she will work harder to lose the weight that she’s gained in the past few months to “better suit” her handsome husband.

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