Gillian Chung, Ling Man Lung, Candice Yu, JJ Jia and more attended the wrap party for film Missing in Hong Kong on October 28.

Gillian will hold her wedding ceremony in Hong Kong on December 20. "I'm preparing to print the wedding invitation cards," she shared. "The digital cards have already been sent to my friends so they can arrange their schedules in advance."

When asked about her participation in Chinese variety programme Parents Preschool with fiancé Michael Lai, Gillian shared that she didn't find taking care of a baby to be that difficult. "Thanks to the show, I've learned that Michael will be a good father," she said.

It was rumoured that Gillian is currently expecting her first child, but she clarified, "I'm not pregnant, I just put on weight, which I will lose. We only plan to have children in two years."

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