Gillian Chung’s parents-in-law did not approve of her at first

The singer-actress reveals how she knew her husband was “The One”.


Gillian Chung recently guested on a television programme with her husband, doctor Michael Lai, who revealed that his parents initially disapproved of their relationship.

Admitting that he had never told his wife about this, Michael explained that his parents had not yet gotten to know Gillian at that point. When they heard that their son intended to tie the knot with the singer-actress, they were afraid of the scrutiny that such a high-profile relationship might bring. However, after they got to know Gillian better, their fears were put to rest.

After the couple got hitched last year, Michael brought his mother to attend Gillian’s concert. After seeing Gillian on stage, Michael’s mum started tearing and said, “It turns out that our daughter-in-law is truly excellent.”

Gillian then commented that her relationship with Michael’s mother is now better than their mother-son relationship.


The singer-actress also shared that she was actually the one who took the first step and proposed to Michael, and that she was motivated to do so because of something that he had done for her during a holiday.

According to Gillian, she had wanted to go skydiving, as it was one of the items on her bucket list. To her surprise, Michael agreed to accompany her and go skydiving together. That romantic gesture was a confirmation that Michael was indeed “The One” for her.

Laughing, Michael joked that he was thankful that he decided to go skydiving with Gillian that day, although that is now “something that I would never do again”.

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