Gillian Chung’s fiancé braves strongest snowstorm in eight years for her

She shared that he did so after she told him about a supernatural encounter in her hotel room

gillian chung

Gillian Chung has been the picture of bliss since going public with her doctor boyfriend, Michael Lai. The pair is reportedly holding their wedding banquet in mid-December, and they have also been suspected to be expecting their first child together.

After confirming her relationship with Michael, Gillian has been open to talking about their romance and she recently did so once again in an interview with Hong Kong media.

The singer revealed that she experienced sleep paralysis in her hotel room that she attributed to supernatural entities, and was terrified because she couldn’t move a muscle in her body. Neither could she make any sound, which caused her to immediately call Michael after it had eased.

At the time, she was in a different city from her husband, and the strongest snowstorm in eight years was raging outside her hotel room in Wuhan. Almost all flights and other modes of transport were cancelled or postponed because of safety issues.

However, Michael managed to make his way to her after Gillian’s frantic phone call, which the singer admitted caused her to feel extremely touched.

“It wasn’t of any use, however, because he didn’t save me,” she quipped in an effort to lighten the mood.

Photos: PBE Media

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