Gillian Chung reveals five common beauty mistakes to avoid

Take note of these five ‘beauty mistakes’ that the singer-actress mentioned!


Hong Kong singer-actress Gillian Chung has amassed quite a strong following online on the beauty app 'RED', where she often shares her own tips and tricks.

Recently, the 38-year-old uploaded a post detailing five common beauty mistakes that many people commit, as well as ways for her followers to avoid falling prey to them.

Firstly, Gillian cautioned everyone against using warm water to wash their hair. She admitted that she particularly enjoys taking hot showers in the winter, but she quickly realised that her scalp started itching soon after.

She later realised that her daily hot showers were actually stripping away the healthy oils that help moisturise her scalp, causing it to flake and itch due to dryness. As a result, she stopped using hot water to rinse her hair.

Another hair-related tip that she shared was to "refrain from combing your hair when it's wet".

"Look at how much hair is on your comb now, please stop!" the singer-actress exclaimed in her post, going on to suggest for everyone to "brush your hair after your hair is dry", as combing your hair when it is wet will result in more friction and hair loss.


The next tip she shared was to "stop reapplying lip balm during meals". Instead, fans can try applying a layer of lip top coat to ensure the longevity of their lipstick. Additionally, to prevent chapped lips, it would be good to apply an additional moisturising lip mask at night to lock in moisture.

Gillian also cautioned everyone against being too lazy to wash their faces after applying a mask at night.

"Is there anyone else who just can't seem to get up from bed after applying a face mask? It's obvious that we're just too lazy to move, but we still try to lie to ourselves that our skin has yet to finish absorbing all the mask's essence. We can't do that anymore!" she wrote in her post, adding that not washing your face after applying a mask will lead to clogged pores.

Finally, she reminded everyone to "cover your ankles in winter". Gillian shared that her husband, Taiwanese doctor Michael Lai, once heard a stylist mentioning that the ankles are the thinnest part of the lower body, which is why showing the ankles can help one appear slimmer.

However, exposing one's ankles in winter will only hurt their joints, as well as cause the calves to become swollen and thicker, which is why Gillian makes sure to cover her ankles now.

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