The doctor is in and he’s moving fast. After opening up about her relationship with her dashing Taiwanese doctor boyfriend Michael Lai last September and then announcing their engagement in January, Hongkong star Gillian Chung and her beau, if rumours are to be believed, will be walking down the aisle next month. And the reason for them wanting to become husband and wife so soon? The couple are apparently looking to start a family ASAP.

According to Apple Daily, Gillian who will be touring the US and Canada with her Twins bandmate Charlene Choi in May, will be holding her wedding in LA on May 25, right after her last concert date on May 22 in Toronto.

It’s also been reported that the couple will also be shooting their wedding photos in LA just before their big day. On the guest list are Gillian’s celeb pals like Charlene, Joey Yung and Macau casino heiress Laurinda Ho as well as 100 of the couple’s family and closest friends. According to sources, Gillian, 37, and Michael, 29, will be covering the airfare and accommodation expenses of all their guests. The cost of being great hosts? An estimated NT3.37mil (S$1167, 000). And that’s on top of the actual wedding costs. The couple will also hold a wedding in Hongkong at a later date.

But it’s not like Gillian and Michael will be feeling the pinch. In case you didn’t know, Gillian’s boss Albert Yeung, the chairman of Hongkong media conglomerate Emperor Group, came under fire in February when he was quoted as saying “Everyone knows that it’s hard for Gillian to get married” when he was asked about Gillian’s engagement. But then he promised that he would settle all of Gillian’s wedding costs and on top of that, will be gifting a NT28mil (S$1.25mil) house in Shanghai as part of Gillian’s dowry. He will also be paying for their wedding in Hongkong as well.

As for the couple’s post-wedding plans, a source says that while Gillian had intended to move to Taiwan after their wedding, it might not be the case anymore. Michael, worried that Gillian would be homesick, has reportedly decided that it would be better for him to shuttle between Taiwan and Hongkong. We’re not sure if that’s the wisest thing to do but, hey, the doctor knows best right?