Gillian Chung, who was recently rumoured to be expecting her first child, attended an event in Hong Kong on March 26 wearing a loose-fitting dress, prompting reporters to congratulate her on her pregnancy.

However, the singer-actress denied having a bun in the oven. "I've just put on a bit of weight, so please give me some time to lose weight," she claimed. She then emphasised that she wasn't refuting the rumours to adhere to the tradition of only announcing one's pregnancy after the first trimester. "I'm really not pregnant."

When asked if she intends to reduce her workload to prepare for a baby, Gillian said that she and her husband do not have plans to expand their family this year, but they will also let nature take its course.

In other news, Gillian's good friend Joey Yung was recently spotted out on a date with a mystery man, but Gillian shot down these rumours as well on behalf of Joey. "Joey does not like to date men who are younger than her," she explained.

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